While houseplants have always been a fun and easy way to decorate a home, they’re definitely seeing an increase in popularity these days. There are even classes offered on how to care for houseplants. In addition to enhancing décor, they provide health benefits such as air purification and a boost in mood. A lovely way to highlight your plants and add character to your home is with a garden window.

What is a garden window?

Garden windows are a perfect way to blend indoor space and outdoor light. A garden window protrudes from the house and is encased in glass to let light in from every angle, similar to a greenhouse. It has a deep shelf to place plants or a small herb garden, and you can add a middle shelf for extra space. They have a fixed top and front and two working side windows to allow for cross ventilation.

Best rooms for garden windows

Garden windows are an easy way to add natural light and beauty to a home. The most common room for a garden window is the kitchen. Replace a standard window with a garden window above the kitchen sink to create a space for a small herb garden and beautiful houseplants. Enjoy grabbing a sprig of fresh rosemary or mint while trying out a new recipe, or line the window with vivid flowers to gaze at while washing the dishes. A home office or laundry room is also a great spot for a garden window.

Keep in mind that garden windows project outward from the house, so be sure you have clearance on the exterior of the home first. Avoid any high-traffic areas like a walkway, deck, or patio.

Plants that suit garden windows

First, look for plants that fit your lifestyle; for example, while most plants are low maintenance, others like orchids require more care. Since a garden window has sunlight from all angles, aim for plants that need full to partial sun. Here are a few to consider:

  • Air purifying: spider plants, prayer plants, Chinese evergreen
  • Climbing: ivy, philodendrons, creeping fig
  • Flowering: Gerber daisies, orchids, African violets
  • Succulents: aloe vera, jade, zebra

Herbs for your garden window

A wonderful way to enrich the flavor of food and beverages is with fresh herbs. Try using a mid-size pot to make a small herb garden or individual pots with single herbs. Here are a few to have on hand:

  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Mint
  • Rosemary

JELD-WEN Garden Windows

We offer attractive, durable garden windows that create a natural extension to the outdoors. Our Builders™ Vinyl garden windows are perfect for new construction and replacement projects and are available with FiniShield™, our exterior color finish technology that resists scratches, never needs painting, and won’t crack or peel.

Learn more about garden windows in our article, A Guide to Garden Windows, and see our Builders Vinyl garden window.

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