Customize exterior doors on a memorable scale with distinctive elements. 

Old World-style exterior doors make an impressive statement in scale and design by blending decorative accents and textures. Here are six ideas for creating a customized Old World entry for your next build or remodel. 

Old World is all about high style. It’s a blend of grand and comfortable elements that add artistry and drama. Every piece in an Old World-style home is purposeful, from ornate detailing in archways to textured walls and distressed finishes. In this post, we’ll share six ideas for creating a customized Old World entry door for your next build or remodel. 

JELD-WEN® IWP® Wood luxury exterior doors can be customized to match the Old World style 

1. Make a grand statement with wood 

An Old World-style entry door makes an impressive statement in scale and design. Selecting the material is the first step. The luxurious richness and warmth of wood is a timeless option. JELD-WEN® IWP® Wood and IWP Aurora Fiberglass luxury exterior doors are customizable to match just about any style. 

Each IWP® Wood door is handcrafted and unique. The four most popular woods used are oak, mahogany, knotty alder, and Douglas fir. To create that Old World vibe, consider a painted door in forest green or cobalt blue. 

IWP® Aurora® fiberglass doors are virtually indistinguishable from real wood. Each fiberglass door starts with a wood door from which a mold is built to capture the fine woodgrain details and texture, down to the knots. It even knocks like a solid wood door. A low-maintenance alternative to wood, fiberglass also stands up to the elements. 

Whether you choose wood or fiberglass for your entry door, think about including an overhang in your design to ensure the door’s finish and details are preserved even longer against the elements. 

2. Metal makes the perfect detail 

The sophistication of metal adds depth to any Old World entry door. IWP® Foundry™ finishes have the authentic look of Old World iron. The most popular metal details include: 

  • Speak-easies — These small portals were originally created to allow those inside to see and speak with a visitor without opening the door. Options include a classic basket weave or an ornate vine design. 
  • Clavos — The Spanish word for nails, these round and diamond-shaped accents pair well with the Old World look, especially with some added distressing to give them the illusion of being aged. 
  • Door knockers — These originated in Greece as an alternative to shouting your arrival. Although no longer functional, they are a classic way to enhance the door. 
  • Straps — Rail, radius, and corner straps can enrich an exterior door in just the right places. 
  • Grilles — If the entryway includes sidelites, grilles are one way to dress them up. Add a grille to complement a speak-easy. Or opt for a complex pattern or vine-like design. 

Grilles are one of the most unique ways to construct intricate patterns and designs in an Old World door 

3. Embellish with decorative glass and caming 

Decorative glass can add instant curb appeal to any exterior door. From texture to pattern to color, glass can be customized for a truly one-of-a-kind look. Beveled glass creates a lovely prism pattern when the sun shines through, enhancing the Old World style. 

Creating decorative designs with glass using caming is a unique way to achieve an Old World look. Caming is the metal banding that joins panels of glass together. For a truly customized entry, have a glassmaker construct intricate patterns and designs using the caming process. 

4. Consider alluring arches 

Archways are design elements used in many Old World homes. It’s common to find them in doorways as well as hallways. Replacing the front door with an arched door is sure to bring Old World style from the outside in. 

5. Raised panels elevate style 

From stucco walls to ornately carved cabinets and shelves, Old World is all about texture. You can carry this same look and feel into the entry door with thin vertical paneling across the door or curved paneling for arched doors. For a more intricate look, try raised panels, which are available in a variety of shapes that include raised moulding to add more depth. 

6. Personalize with real carvings and distressing 

Carvings show off the beauty of a wood door and tell a story. A floral motif, family crest, or initials are a few ways to show off the beauty of a wood door in a personalized way. 

For a subtler finish, consider distressing or antiquing. Antiquing the wood is a multistep process that uses different stains and highlights specific areas like moulding and panels. A distressed look can be light to heavy, giving the wood an aged look. 

Old World meets the new world 

Rooted in the style of homes from the Mediterranean coast in the 16th and 17th centuries, Old World style offers a world of possibilities for today’s builders and homeowners. From customized finishes, accents, and glass to archways and entry shapes, you can create an entry door that reflects the homeowner’s personality and style. 

Create Old World style with JELD-WEN

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