Termite Protection


Fire, flood, and wind can all wreak havoc on the wood in your home. But they are not the biggest threat to your house. That distinction, according to experts, belongs to the ever-hungry termite — and one especially destructive member of the family, the Formosan subterranean termite. Five things you may not know about termite risk The Formosan termite is believed to account for 90% of all U.S. termite damage.1U.S. residents spend an estimated $5 billion annually to control termites and repair termite damage.2U.S. residents spend at least $1 billion on Formosan termite control and repairs each year.2Pest control specialists have no easy way to combat the Formosan termite.Formosan termites are the most economically serious pest in Hawaii, costing residents $100 million annually. What can builders do to combat termites? Builders have tried a number of approaches to preventing termite damage, and adding protection at the beginning of a project…

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