Things to consider as you weigh a quick fix against choosing to buy new. It’s an unavoidable fact that with time and use, a home’s doors’ and windows’ performance is bound to diminish. Unfortunately, with that slow deterioration comes new costs for homeowners. Think about ongoing maintenance and repairs that may be necessary. Consider the energy that is lost because of emerging gaps. And don’t forget that this decline may create a way for water and pests to enter a home. Aging doors and windows can also impact homeowner quality of life in other ways. Foggy glass can mean less visibility. Poor sealing can make it more difficult to stabilize an ideal indoor temperature. Many aging doors and windows can become less attractive. And perhaps most importantly, the products’ problems can even compromise the security of a home. The natural question homeowners are bound to ask is, “OK, should I repair or replace?” Here…

As homes across the US face threats from heavy rain, wind, and extreme temperature changes throughout the year, builders and homeowners are focusing on storm preparedness. And in selecting windows for a project, builders and general contractors need to consider relevant window ratings, the materials used to make the window, and the installation techniques.

Builders and homeowners sometimes feel they must choose between new wood windows that look beautiful and replacement windows that can be easily installed. The Siteline® Pocket and Sash Pack product suite make it possible to have both. Installation is easy and the result is a beautiful, clean, finished look.

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