As homes across the US face threats from heavy rain, wind, and extreme temperature changes throughout the year, builders and homeowners are focusing on storm preparedness. And in selecting windows for a project, builders and general contractors need to consider relevant window ratings, the materials used to make the window, and the installation techniques.

Large expanses of glass continue to be one of the residential construction industry’s hottest trends. The clean lines, broad panes of glass, and elegant simplicity deliver remarkable looks, open sightlines, and a seamless connection from indoors to out.

It’s no secret that homeowners are veering more toward the modern and contemporary in their style choices. And that minimalism includes the window market, where it’s manifesting itself in the form of clean lines, simple shapes, dark colors, and more glass. Beyond looks, homeowners expect high performance in the form of efficiency, functionality, and durability.

Here are seven window trends that are very popular with consumers this year.

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