Windows add warmth, light, and comfort to the home

Choosing energy-efficient windows and patio doors for your builds and remodels is just the start. Help your clients maximize the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes with these four tips:

  1. Make the most of natural light 

Windows, patio doors , and wall systems can invite daylight deep into a home. Abundant natural light offers the added benefit of potentially lowering utility bills thanks to the reduced need for artificial lighting during the day.

  1. Add a breath of fresh air 

Windows that open encourage and increase natural ventilation and help improve indoor air quality. Consider the number of windows in the design if you’re factoring in mechanical ventilation capacities. 

  1. Trim cooling and heating costs with strategic ventilation and sun flow

Before the widespread adoption of air conditioning, windows were positioned to take advantage of cross-breezes to keep air flowing and interiors cool. Attic fans also offered an easy way to pull cooler evening temperatures directly into the home. Those practices are still worth exploring to reduce the use of air conditioning and, potentially, lower energy bills. Briefly lowering the top sash of double-hung windows or opening windows or patio doors on an upper floor of a home are easy ways to release pent-up hot air without turning on the AC.

Window coverings such as curtains can also play a part in indoor comfort: in the winter, pulled open during the sunniest hours to maximize incoming solar heat and, in the summer, closed against the sun on the hottest days to keep indoor temperatures cooler.

  1. Choose energy-efficient comfort 

With JELD-WEN® windows and patio doors, you can choose from a variety of Low-E glass and double- or triple-pane windows with an insulating gas fill. Most windows also come with several glazing options to improve their efficiency. Not only are these types of windows energy efficient, but they also deliver year-round comfort in all types of climates. 

Look for the ENERGY STAR® logo 

The easiest way to identify energy-efficient windows is to the look for the ENERGY STAR® certified designation. These windows have been independently tested to verify that they meet performance levels in five key areas: 

  • U-factor: The amount of heat transfer 
  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC): How well the unit blocks heat from the sun 
  • Air leakage: Testing the window joints’ sealing capabilities 
  • Visible transmittance: How much light gets through 
  • Condensation: How well the windows resist condensation 

ENERGY STAR certified products improve energy efficiency and help lower energy consumption, with dual goals of lowering energy bills for homeowners and reducing our collective impact on the environment. JELD-WEN offers ENERGY STAR certified windows and patio doors that meet the performance criteria for all four U.S. climate zones. Material choices include vinyl, wood, composite, fiberglass, and steel. 

Designing with windows is a delicate balance. For example, more windows may lower a wall’s overall R-value (its rating for overall insulating value), but the opportunity for ventilation and daylighting increases overall energy efficiency. That’s a big plus for today’s homes.  

Learn more about windows and doors designed for energy efficiency and sustainability.

*ENERGY STAR is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

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