It’s easier than you think to use process mapping to help your company reduce wasted effort and materials, and get jobs done faster. There are many ways to help you decrease waste in your process, but few are as easy to implement as Process Mapping. Plus, with the continued shortage in skilled labor, any efficiency you add to your SOP can make your entire team more productive—and your company more profitable. To analyze and eliminate waste in your projects, process mapping may be just the thing to help you use your resources—people and material—in the most efficient way possible.

Trying to trim costs is a never-ending battle for all builders. But with new technology like Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, builders have a shot at shaving off some of the waste to keep their companies in the black. The initial phase of implementing new software can take time, but builders are increasingly putting in the effort, knowing that it will benefit their businesses for years to come.

Fluctuating costs give any business headaches. Residential construction is especially prone to shifting prices for materials, and builders need to manage input costs to retain profitability. For both March and April of 2019, Associated Builders and Contractors calculated that material prices have increased by about 2.5% from the previous year. With trade instability, normal market flux and the global competition for materials, construction material costs will likely keep rising. But no matter what the climate, it is up to builders to adjust their methods to maintain margins on their projects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates overall input costs for different categories of construction. These are further broken out into different types of materials before averages are calculated. For instance, if oil prices rise steeply, the total input costs may rise even if many other materials, like lumber or copper, decrease. The fluctuations affecting your company may vary from the…

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