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Your choice of brand has implications for various parts of the operation. Builders are loyal to brands that offer the features, benefits and durability they require. With doors and windows, most settle on one or two brands that meet their price and performance specs, and that offer strong warranties they know the dealer and manufacturer will stand behind. When deciding which brands to align with, large-volume builders obviously want a breadth of product that will serve them across all their home models without adding unneeded complexity. To simplify the specification process, they may opt for a base product with various options in glass grille patterns, so they can use it in different neighborhoods with different styles. This type of consistency also pays off in the sales process. “By sticking with a few trusted brands you’re better able to explain their features, benefits and advantages to the buyer,” says Scott Alden, a…

JELD-WEN Style Collections guide customers to the perfect doors and windows to get the style they’re after. When the time comes for homeowners to select windows and doors for their new home or remodel, it’s possible for them to have too many options. With e-commerce sites, Pinterest, Instagram, and design blogs presenting endless possibilities involving the style, colors, features, and finishes for windows and doors, it’s easy for customers to get overwhelmed. JELD-WEN created four thoughtfully curated Whole Home Style Collections—Farmhouse, Coastal, Updated Traditional, and Simply Modern—to help homeowners discover the doors and windows designed to bring these popular styles to their homes.

Large-opening door systems with outstanding building envelope performance Materials science has helped power the thermal performance of our homes to new heights of efficiency. The rise of evolving residential building and energy codes, above-code standards such as passive house, and state initiatives like California’s Title 24 demonstrate how far and fast building envelope design has advanced over the last 20 years. Exterior wall assemblies have never been tighter, drier, or more energy conserving. U-factors, R-values, and other energy rating metrics continue to improve as materials science finds new ways to enhance cladding, sheathing, air/moisture barriers, and insulation. So it’s ironic that one of the housing industry’s most popular trends today is to replace a vast portion of the exterior wall assembly with a large opening door system. There was a time when a large expanse of glass meant compromising building envelope efficiency. Today innovations in material science and manufacturing help building pros achieve their aesthetic…

The fast rise of this durable exterior door material underscores its remarkable characteristics. Can anything top a quality fiberglass door? It’s a bold question to ask because of the material’s brief time in the marketplace. The first fiberglass exterior door was introduced less than 40 years ago. Wood and steel, the material’s leading competitors, have been around much longer. Why fiberglass? It starts with the material itself – a thermoplastic resin reinforced with glass fiber. Cheaper and more flexible than carbon fiber, fiberglass is stronger than many metals by weight, is non-conductive, and can be molded into almost any shape, including the skin of an exterior door.

Critical considerations for choosing windows and doors that meet performance and style requirements The goal of every remodel is to maximize the home’s long-term value while increasing comfort for the homeowner. Today let’s cover how to accomplish that by choosing the right windows and doors. Replacing the windows, for example, can improve energy efficiency with a tighter home envelope. And modern doors are more functional and secure than their older counterparts. Replacing these elements with updated materials and design helps increase curb appeal and the overall home value. How do you choose the right windows and doors for your remodeling project? Here are a few elements to keep in mind:

Make a memorable statement with the door you choose for your home Brought to you by JELD-WEN Farmhouse style has come a long way since its start with Old MacDonald. Today, you’re just as likely to find it expressed in an urban and suburban home as in the countryside. Over the years, the style has definitely evolved. New versions have been dreamt up, creating a spectrum spanning traditional farmhouse to more modern interpretations. Despite the variety, there are a number of features that farmhouse-inspired designs do share in common. Start with the front door — it’s how you set the tone for your home’s design. There are several options that set farmhouses apart. Many people choose to incorporate an old favorite: the Dutch door. The style has been an American staple since the 17th century. With its two independent sections, the Dutch door won fans as much for its novel…

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