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Most homeowners don’t have firsthand knowledge of window and door brands. Yet many goals they have for their custom homes—like energy efficiency, style, durability, and natural light—can be accomplished with the right windows and doors. Windows and doors are significant players in the Whole Home solution, which is why many homeowners rely on a builder or contractor for expert advice. It’s also why many do their own research on the internet. But the latter is not as helpful as the former. The internet is a breeding ground for misinformation. Homeowners expecting to understand the different types, benefits, and fundamentals of windows and doors may not get the entire picture. For instance, a homeowner in South Florida may find a window advertised to work in all temperatures, but the truth is it was only tested in cold and dry climates, not hot and humid climates, where it would be installed.

Architects have numerous tools to visualize and share their concepts. However, the most effective one is often overlooked. It isn’t a BIM program, a virtual fly-through, or the latest 3D printer. It’s communication, a lack of which can cost more than any itemized expense and make the benefit of the above tools seem insignificant. Why do so many architects struggle to effectively communicate with their clients when business depends on it? To answer that question and find a solution, let’s look at fundamental communication challenges in any client engagement.

An uplifting case study for builders everywhere. Brought to you by JELD-WEN Every builder wants to build a home their client loves. What happens when builders and clients work alongside one another to bring a vision to life? That’s how Paradigm Building Company, a full-service design-build residential construction firm, approached a job in Arlington, Virginia. See how Paradigm and their client transformed an existing floorplan into an incredible sanctuary. For assistance with window and door specifications or installation, visit JELD-WEN’s professional portal.

Smart strategies can help builders looking for ways to deal with labor shortages. In many building trades, finding qualified workers can be difficult. But by using some clever tactics, builders can make the most of industry resources to help them get the job done. The solutions can include leaning on resources outside the company as well as upgrading the skills of the workers already in place.

Builders are loyal to brands that offer the features, benefits and durability they require. With doors and windows, most settle on one or two brands that meet their price and performance specs, and that offer strong warranties they know the dealer and manufacturer will stand behind. Architects invest great effort in specifying products. The objective, of course, is to get the best quality products for the client’s budget that also support the project’s design goals and performance criteria. Windows and doors have a big impact on the design and sustainability of the structure and how well the structure handles weather extremes — wind, rain, snow and the hot summer sun. Continue reading by filling out the information below:

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