Add style to any home with the natural beauty of a wood door

The truth is, there are so many wood door options out there it can be hard to know how to proceed. So in this post, we’ll explore some of our interior and exterior wood doors and help you simplify the process of finding the right one for your next project.

There’s nothing quite like a wood door, exterior and interior, to provide a warm and inviting impression for your home. Wood doors can support different stylistic visions, offer cherished privacy, and even create a feeling of sanctuary.

Once it’s been decided that wood is the right path, there are any number of variations to be considered that will help bring the preferred look into clearer focus. This includes everything from wood species and panels to glass types and decorative accents. Drawing on all of the options, a wood door can pair beautifully with virtually any home style, whether it’s elegantly modern or comfortably traditional.

At JELD-WEN, we know the impact the right door can have on a home’s design. That’s why we handcraft our doors from the finest materials and offer a wide array of design choices. It’s also why our artisans are so devoted to customizing the door to match the desired vision.

The truth is, there are so many wood door options out there it can be hard to know how to proceed. So in this post, we’ll explore some of our interior and exterior wood doors and help you simplify the process of finding the right one for your next project. 

Optimize your door’s character with intricate hand-carved designs, distressing, or statement-piece hardware options.

Exterior doors

Anyone who has stopped to admire the front of a house knows that a door serves as more than just an entrance to the home. It’s the spotlight on the home’s tone and style and so naturally says a lot about its owner.

IWP® Wood exterior doors

Our IWP Wood exterior door line offers a touch of luxury and sophistication, featuring distinct wood species. The product family also includes an extensive catalogue of designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary to custom. Even Dutch door options are available.

As you do your planning, start with the diverse range of available stain and paint finishes. Which one is right for the style? Then think about the hand-carved designs, distressing, or statement-piece hardware options that are offered. What about decorative grilles or clavos or straps? Maybe you want to give your project an aura of Old World charm.

If glass is preferred, weigh the various decorative and performance glass options you can choose from. All of these variables will have a big influence on the final product and its ultimate design impact.

From craftsman to prairie, colonial to contemporary, our curated designs offer sophistication and charm.

JELD-WEN® Authentic Wood exterior doors

This family of exterior doors is created to bring the luxury and warmth of real wood to any residential architecture. They come in a wide range of designs, each one featuring a densely engineered core shielded with premium veneers for lasting performance.

From craftsman to prairie, colonial to contemporary, find curated designs that deliver the sophistication and charm sought by so many homeowners. Choose from hemlock’s light, fine-textured, straight-grained appearance or meranti mahogany’s high-density, deep, rich-looking grain. And then there’s the collection of optional energy-efficient glass to ponder.

Here’s one thing to check when doing your evaluation: the overhang. Is it necessary? In a word, yes. An overhang is required for all exterior wood doors. Overhangs protect the door’s finish, reduce the frequency of refinishing, and help keep the weather out of the home.

If an overhang is not an option, check out JELD-WEN’s various lines of fiberglass door options that look like real wood and hold up in any environment.

Handcrafted from the finest materials and offering a wide array of luxurious, custom design options, JELD-WEN® IWP® Wood interior doors bring uncommon beauty into the home.

Interior doors

Just as front doors help create the mood for the exterior, interior doors help set the tone for the inside of the home. Too often overlooked, interior doors offer an untapped opportunity to fill out the home’s style. Like the furniture or light fixtures, this important design element contributes to the home’s overall story.

IWP® Wood interior doors

Our IWP Wood interior doors show great care and ingenuity because when it comes to interior doors, we know it’s all about the details. Handcrafted from the finest materials, the product family offers a wide array of luxurious, custom design options to ensure a personalized expression.

Choose from one of our distinct wood species and explore the range of stain and paint finishes. Also consider if one of the numerous panel or glass types might be appropriate for the look you have in mind.

To ensure continuity and consistency across the home, JELD-WEN also gives you the option of matching the interior doors with the exterior door.

Skillfully designed with a dense engineered core and shielded with premium wood veneers, JELD-WEN® Karona™ interior doors stand up to environmental changes.

JELD-WEN® Authentic Wood interior doors

Our approach with this line is to design the doors with a dense engineered core, shielding them with premium wood veneers. As a result, JELD-WEN Authentic Wood interior doors deliver the performance to stand up to environmental changes. Options include a knotty pine or alder with distinctive V-grooves for rustic charm or a raised-panel oak door for a more sophisticated vibe.

Another popular choice can be found in the Karona™ line of interior doors. Solid core in design, these products provide protection against expansion, contraction, and cracking. Find inspiration in the line’s large variety of wood species, decorative glass, and completely custom capabilities. Paint or stain them to integrate beautifully with the home’s interior.

Now, depending on the door style, you might prefer a raw door that’s ready to stain to match your interior. That can be a great path for a lot of people. Or you can special order a pre-finished door in one of our Woodview™ stain options. Also, check out designs aimed at your traditional to your craftsman to your contemporary home. And by the way, the product family has also got you covered if you’re thinking about French doors.

It’s time to think wood

If you’ve not considered wood doors in the past, it might just be time to do so. There is no disputing that their natural beauty can add that indefinable element that takes your home design to the next level.

For assistance with door specifications or installation, visit JELD-WEN’s professional portal.

Express yourself with JELD-WEN® wood entry and interior doors.

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