If your projects include renovations of historic homes or buildings, you already know that not just any window will do. Authentic wood windows are required in some historic preservation building codes for homes or buildings with significant history, or for homes located in historic districts. If the original wood windows can no longer be repaired, any replacements must also be constructed from wood. And, depending on where you are, those real wood windows likely require specific design elements — such as wooden frames and trim, a thick, wooden sill nose, or recessed sash — to appear historically correct.

Finding wood windows with the right design details is part of the challenge. An even bigger challenge: Using wood windows in regions known for year-round wet weather, extreme seasonal temperatures, coastal humidity and storms, or the biggest threat to wood windows — termite infestations.

Thankfully, there’s a proven answer to both of these challenges: JELD-WEN® wood windows constructed from AuraLast® pine.

AuraLast® pine: time-tested, Surface to Core™ protection

Exclusive to JELD-WEN, AuraLast® pine is a patented wood product that delivers superior protection against wood rot, water saturation, and termites. JELD-WEN® wood windows and patio doors are made with AuraLast pine, and it’s available as an option for exterior door frames and jambs.

Plenty of windows on the market today feature wood that’s been treated against moisture saturation and invasive pests. So what makes AuraLast pine the better choice?

First, there’s the depth of protection. Most treated wood is dipped in a chemical solvent bath that penetrates just past the surface. The AuraLast treatment method, by comparison, uses a vacuum-pressure process to pull the water-based solution all the way through the wood, so that it saturates from surface to core. You can cut, machine, and nail AuraLast pine and never expose a part of the wood that isn’t fully protected.

The AuraLast treatment is colorless, so the beauty of the natural wood comes through — or it can be painted or stained the color of your choice.

Second, the water-based AuraLast treatment process releases 96% fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than traditional chemical bath dip treatment methods, making it safer for the atmosphere and environment.

Third, the efficacy of AuraLast pine now has more than a decade of proof behind it, including the now-famous Hilo, Hawaii, experiment. In that experiment, two small wooden buildings — one with a locally-purchased, generic wood window, and one with an AuraLast pine window — were built on top of a large termite colony and left exposed to Hilo’s extremely rainy climate. Eighteen months later, the generic window and the buildings themselves had collapsed into “spongy shards.” The AuraLast pine window, by contrast, appeared untouched, with no signs of termite damage, water absorption, or rot.

Every wood window component made with AuraLast pine is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty* for residential use. JELD-WEN wood windows and patio doors as a whole are covered by a 20-Year Limited Warranty.* So you and your clients can have real wood windows with real protection — and true peace of mind.

Durable wood windows with historic design details

Whether you’re trying to replicate a design from the 1750s or the 1930s, we have the right wood windows for your project. JELD-WEN® wood windows are available in a wide range of operating types, designs, and sizes, with options for factory-applied casings and sill nose profiles made with AuraLast® pine, simulated or true divided lites, simple and complex grille patterns, standard and custom color finish options, and exterior aluminum cladding if appropriate.

Our Siteline® wood and clad-wood windows include architectural details such as concealed jambs on double-hung styles and casements with recessed sash.

Our Epic® Series windows, designed for strength and beauty, deliver extremely large operating window sizes with thicker stiles and rails. Epic Series windows are an inspired choice for renovations of large historic buildings such as factories, libraries, and schools.

For projects requiring the most detailed design specifications, JELD-WEN’s Custom™ Wood windows offer full customization capabilities to match your requirements.

Between these three product lines, we can not only match the historic appearance of the original windows but also improve energy efficiency and thermal comfort indoors, thanks to double- or triple-pane window options and a variety of Low-E insulating glass choices.

For applications in coastal or storm-prone settings, our wood windows may be ordered with ImpactGard® glass, engineered to protect against damage from the impacts of windborne debris. Windows with ImpactGard glass can meet building code impact rating requirements up to HVHZ.

With JELD-WEN wood windows, there’s no limitation to design. And you can be assured that the windows you choose for your historic renovation projects will look accurate — and last.

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*For warranty details, visit jeld-wen.com, click Support, and select JELD-WEN Warranties.

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