The newest group of homeowners are on the rise, and they’re the most environmentally focused group of buyers yet. Millennials consider sustainability to be a top priority and are willing to pay more for it. They also prioritize energy efficiency and healthy homes, which are both related to sustainability.

As a builder or remodeler, it pays to be able to address these priorities when speaking to millennials and other sustainability-minded customers. There are many ways to make homes more sustainable, efficient, and healthy, and the choices you help homeowners make concerning their windows and doors play a big part in that.

These nine tips can help you advise eco-conscious homeowners during the building or renovation planning process:

Sustainable Practices

  • Extend the life of discarded products. When renovating, donate old but usable interior doors to Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Undamaged windows and exterior and patio doors can also be donated. By giving older products a new life, you can show homeowners that you’re committed to reducing unnecessary waste where you can.
  • Choose responsibly sourced wood. Although wood’s a renewable resource, it must be carefully managed so forests aren’t depleted. JELD-WEN offers many Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified windows and doors so you can reassure homeowners that they’re making a sustainable choice while staying mindful of resource consumption.
  • Work with companies that operate responsibly. JELD-WEN builds windows and doors in the nearest facility and sources materials locally whenever possible in order to reduce our carbon footprint and support local economies. Learn more about JELD-WEN’s sustainability goals.
  • Select products with eco-friendly material. For example, JELD-WEN’s Siteline®
    Low-Friction-Glider® (LFG) patio door system is made of mostly recyclable material (aluminum), more than 50% eco-friendly wood, and composite made with scrap wood pieces. To ensure durability as well as eco-friendliness, Siteline® uses longer-lasting AuraLast® pine that’s treated to the core using a water-based solution, which releases fewer volatile organic compounds during the Surface to Core treatment compared to traditional treatment processes.
Auraline Composite Wood Windows wins Green Builder’s 2023 Sustainable Product of the Year

Energy Efficiency

  • Get energy-efficient glass for windows and doors. Several qualities can make windows and doors more energy efficient by stopping the transfer of heat and cold, including two- or three-pane windows, Low-E coatings, and gas-filled glass panes. Explore JELD-WEN Low-E glass options and learn more about Low-E glass to feel confident you’re making the right recommendations for your clients.
  • Choose exterior doors that insulate. Fiberglass and steel doors’ solid foam core creates an effective barrier between the indoor climate and the outside elements, providing superior energy efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), fiberglass entry doors can offer more than five times the insulating value of solid wood.
  • Look for the ENERGY STAR® label. According to the DOE, the typical household can save 25% on utility bills with energy-efficiency measures, such as using ENERGY STAR® Certified products. JELD-WEN has been an ENERGY STAR® Partner since 1998 and offers a wide variety of windows and doors that meet or exceed their evolving standards.
Two- or three-pane windows, Low-E coatings, and gas-filled glass panes can make windows and doors more energy efficient by stopping the transfer of heat and cold.

Health and Wellness

  • Limit VOCs. Wood windows are sometimes treated with chemicals that produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs). But instead of relying on toxic processes to offer improved longevity on wood products, choose products made with AuraLast® pine. This patented wood product is exclusive to JELD-WEN and uses a water-based treatment process, which produces up to 96% fewer VOCs during the manufacturing process than traditional treated wood. The result is beautiful and engineered to resist water damage, rot, and termites.
  • Get glass with UV protection. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can pass through windows, but there are ways to block that radiation. All Low-E performance glass from JELD-WEN uses industry-leading laminate glass technology that blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays. This layer of protection can help protect your furniture from sun damage over time.

If you work with companies that share your homeowners’ priorities, your customers will feel confident they’re making sustainable choices. Check out this blog to learn more about JELD-WEN’s commitment to the environment.


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