Home features change with the times, and it is often manufacturing advances that bring prices within a range that more consumers can afford. Large-span glass door systems are having their moment. Long an enviable feature on high-end homes, indoor/outdoor living features are selling well all over the United States and at many price points.

The popularity of indoor-outdoor living in not limited to coastal areas like Florida and California, or places known for their natural beauty, like Colorado. Homebuyers in New Jersey and on Long Island are increasingly choosing indoor-outdoor living features as options to bring luxury and healthy living into their lives.

Just as the corner office, with lots of windows, has always been a status symbol, so now is the large sliding glass door that gives relaxing views, allows multi-seasonal entertaining, and encourages outdoor activities. This feature is now not only affordable at the homebuying stage, but with better weathertightness, you can still achieve energy efficiency for years of cost-savings for consumers.

Prices are Coming Down

It used to be only luxury homes could afford the glamour of a long wall of glass. A few years back, these could cost anywhere from $800 to $1,200 per linear foot. Now, you can find great options in the $500 to $800 per linear foot range. Whether homebuyers want a full moveable glass wall, or just a larger sliding patio door, the option to feel that luxury is within the price range of many of today’s home buyers.

According to a January 2019 BUILDER article, one in five Toll Brothers homes nationwide includes “an indoor-outdoor living program feature.” In New Jersey, over one-third of buyers opt for them. Blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces is now affordable to many middle income Americans across most regions of the country

Today’s Healthy Lifestyle Trends

Science has shown that spending time in nature is directly linked to happiness. Today’s consumers are health-conscious. Rather than being cooped up in the great indoors, people want to get outside to breath fresh air, take in the sunshine, and experience a bit of nature.

Summer kitchens, extensive grill systems and comfortable outdoor furniture can help lure homeowners outside to dine, entertain, or relax. With larger glass doors, the living room can blend seamlessly with the backyard, meaning any activity of living can move outdoors. This can include outdoor gaming, like large chess sets, putting greens, or bocce courts. The backyard pool is a perennial favorite, but some homes have even installed outdoor theaters or sports bar amenities like large screen tv’s.

Improved Manufacturing

Manufacturing efficiencies have brought the price down on sliding glass doors, but there have also been many technical improvements to the products themselves. The newer, larger glass doors come with the same hardware and operating styles as a standard sliding door, eliminating the extra cost of custom wood framing that is typically required for movable glass walls.

Improvements in weathertightness–both of the glass and the hardware–has made large stretches of glass an option for today’s energy-conscious consumers. Reasonable energy costs while enjoying the luxury of indoor-outdoor space is now a reality. Vinyl sliding doors in multiple widths are available straight from the manufacturer, and maintenance needs are minimal.

Million-dollar Views

The luxury of large views of the backyard, the valley, or the beauty of the city skyline come along with the larger sliding doors that buyers increasingly demand. Even when the weather isn’t great for outdoor activity, the constant view of nature is in itself relaxing. You no longer need to spend a million dollars to get that million-dollar view, and it can be the tipping point in getting buyers to take the plunge into a more-feature-rich home.

For builders looking to affordably add larger glass sliding doors to their home designs, JELD-WEN’s affordable, durable Premium Vinyl Doors makes an excellent choice. For more options, or any questions about indoor-outdoor living products, consult JELD-WEN’s professional resources.

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