Virtual connections like video and smartphone apps give builders tools that are more efficient and customer oriented.

Builders are seeing the benefits of digital technology in communication, marketing, and even virtual inspections. The timing couldn’t be better, as home buyers are outpacing the number of new and existing homes.

As builders implement digital technology into day-to-day operations, they’re seeing improvements in communication like high-touch customer service and efficiencies like onsite virtual inspections. The timing couldn’t be better. Home buyers are outpacing the number of new and existing homes for sale. Mortgages are historically low, and there’s a surge in baby boomer buyers. In this post, we’ll share the insights of three top builders on how they’re adapting to a hot market with new tools of the trade.

Video is transforming the customer-builder relationship

The construction industry is experiencing the power of virtual connections. Video software tools like Loom are replacing emails with video chats that offer more context so there’s less confusion. Videos can also help builders communicate and train employees and connect with prospects and current customers, especially in the early stages.

“Customers have changed. They don’t want you in their homes,” says Shawn Van Dyke, a construction business coach, mentor, author, speaker, and owner of the Built to Build Academy.

Van Dyke also suggests considering a podcast — recorded audio chats that can be downloaded and listened to anytime, such as on the way to a job site or supplier. “A lot of companies now use podcasting to train their people on leadership skills, business processes, and continuous improvement topics,” Van Dyke says.

OnSite™ — Field support for JELD-WEN® windows and doors

Say you’re on-site and having an issue installing a JELD-WEN window or door. You could wait for a technician to come to you, or you could use OnSite, an app that connects to an expert JELD-WEN service technician via the contractor’s smartphone camera to virtually inspect the window or door issue in real time.

“Our techs inspect and make actual repairs. Before OnSite, it might take two weeks for a tech to show up, determine what needs to happen, order the replacement part, and come back to make the repair,” says Rob Wollemann, director of customer care for JELD-WEN.

For homebuilders, the promise of OnSite signals a logical progression in existing technology, freeing contractors from the frustrations of lengthy waits. Think of it as telemedicine for your windows and doors.

Trusted suppliers forecast builder needs

As builders seek out creative solutions to help them work better and faster, one ingredient consistently stands out: No builder can advance without trusted suppliers that are able to anticipate changing needs, like JELD-WEN making virtual inspections available and supporting marketing needs with a strong social media presence. “At the end of the day, I want a company that stands behind their product just like we do. I want backup service and support when needed. I don’t want to be nickeled-and-dimed. That’s why we use JELD-WEN,” says Jonathan Smith, owner of Brush Arbor Homes, a custom homebuilding business in northern Virginia.

“We use Siteline® windows mostly and their large quad sliding doors on pretty much every house because they’re so versatile and durable. And I can count on JELD-WEN,” he explains.

Making the most of new opportunities

If there’s a silver lining to the challenges builders have faced during the global pandemic, Van Dyke believes “the construction industry will be better from all of this. It already is. We’re getting more efficient and better at communication.”

Everyone at JELD-WEN stands ready to assist you. Trust us to support you with the quality products, local dealers, service, and performance that you can count on today and tomorrow.

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