Opt for quality windows and doors for a successful flip and custom remodeling projects. 

Whether you make your money flipping houses or work directly with a client on a custom project, there are certain things worth spending a little extra on — because people will notice. Installing new windows and doors can make all the difference. 

Remodelers take distinctly different approaches to flipping a house or working with a client on a custom remodel. In this post, we’ll discuss the differences, and the role windows and doors play in the curb appeal factor for just about any type of remodeling project. 

If you make your money as a remodeler flipping houses, you need to have materials on hand so you’re ready to go the moment you buy a house. That typically means buying materials in bulk at a discount. 

Custom remodel projects are funded by homeowners picking out materials as they go. Many pros guide their clients through a good, better, best approach to help them decide where to spend their upgrade dollars. 

While flipping a house requires choosing the right-priced materials, custom remodels are driven by key style and design choices. But there are certain things common to both types of projects that are worth spending a little extra on—because people will notice. 

“Installing new, quality windows and doors in a flip can mean the difference between success and a potential buyer walking away,” says Josh Temple, star of DIY Network’s House Crashers and Disaster House. Details like quality windows and doors can give homes the extra appeal to set them apart. On custom jobs, the remodeler can guide the process and explain the long-term durability, energy efficiency, and value of choosing quality windows and doors. Replacing windows and entry doors consistently ranks in the top 10 remodeling projects for return on investment, according to the annual Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report

Remodelers like Dirk Hary, owner of Wheaton, Illinois–based Builder’s Edge Construction, like to put JELD-WEN® windows and doors in the remodels they flip. “They have a good price point and they’re easy to install,” Hary says. “JELD-WEN also has good name recognition with buyers. It’s simply a quality brand.” He also pays special attention to the entry doors he chooses. “Think about it. Every single person that looks at that house is going to walk through the front door. It’s the very first thing they see and notice,” says Hary. 

Have a reliable supplier partner on hand 

While many remodelers keep an inventory of materials on hand to flip homes, it’s more challenging to hold doors, and especially windows, in their own inventory because styles and sizes can range so dramatically. Likewise, custom remodel clients expect to be able to choose from a large array of options for their project. With JELD-WEN, they can visit a nearby store with options for just about every style.  

For Temple, it’s the variety of windows and doors that makes a manufacturer like JELD-WEN a natural choice. “JELD-WEN offers everything from an entry-level product to high-end custom designs,” Temple says. 

Here are a few JELD-WEN windows and doors to consider for a flip or custom remodeling job. 

Beautiful and reliable, versatile JELD-WEN® windows suit just about any style 


  • For flips: When quick turnaround is critical, JELD-WEN® Brickmould Vinyl windows make it easy to finish with a clean look. Energy efficient and durable, these vinyl windows look like traditional wood. 
  • For custom: Versatility shines through with Siteline® wood windows. Designed to be beautiful, reliable, and efficient, clients can choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and options to match just about any style. 

The right exterior door adds curb appeal to any remodeling project.  

Exterior doors 

  • For flips: Realize your vision and stay on budget with Smooth-Pro™ and Design-Pro™ fiberglass exterior doors. These beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance fiberglass doors won’t warp, dent, or rust. 
  • For custom: Make a grand entrance with IWP® Aurora® fiberglass exterior doors. Virtually indistinguishable from real wood, these beautiful doors capture woodgrain detail and stand up to harsh climates. 

JELD-WEN® interior doors are durable, beautiful, and match just about any style 

Interior doors 

  • For flips: Affordable, stylish, and environmentally friendly Molded Wood Composite doors come in a wide variety of colors and finishes to match most styles. 
  • For custom: Individually built to order, Karona interior doors  can create beautiful doors designed to your specifications and finished to match any interior.  

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