Healthy Home Design


Home buyers are increasingly seeking a healthy indoor environment, but they don’t necessarily have the construction vocabulary to define a healthy home. In response, a growing number of builders are using home designs that promote healthy living and mentioning health in their consumer messaging. Wellness architecture, as the trend is called, comes at a time when more people are monitoring their food and personal care products for chemicals and toxins. This is naturally extending to areas like indoor air quality and the use of healthy — and often sustainable — materials in both furnishings and buildings. Here are healthy design options that customers want. Top seven ingredients for healthy home design A tight building envelopeMechanical ventilationAir filtrationProperly sealed duct openingsOptimal natural light: windows with the right glassAdhesives, carpet and carpet pad with low volatile organic compounds (VOC)VOC-free paints Integrating wellness into your plan One company ahead of the healthy home…

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