With the global smart home market set to grow dramatically by 2025, window and door manufacturers are looking to add smart capabilities to their products. 

It seems like only yesterday that smart homes really became a thing, but the concept has captivated homeowners’ imaginations ever since inventors presented the idea at the 1933 World’s Fair. The technology wouldn’t become commonplace until 50 years later, seen in the form of garage doors, home security systems, thermostat controls, and other smart appliances. Now we can lock our doors with a voice command, program our window shades to open at a specific time via our phones, and order groceries from a connected fridge. 

The global smart home market is projected to grow nearly 18 percent by 2025. As connected technology and smart appliances evolve, the goal for manufacturers is as much about convenience as it is peace of mind. It’s something that’s increasingly popular with homeowners in all income ranges, and that’s why window and door manufacturers like JELD-WEN are finding ways to install those features at the factory.  

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