Murfey Company applies technologies, practices, and procedures from other industries to advance their building business

The building industry has a well-known reputation for being slow to embrace new technologies. This resistance is understandable given the complexity of the building business and the financial stakes. Many builders surmise the safest bet is to continue using tried-and-true methods as long as possible, regardless of the potential payoffs new tech solutions offer.

However, a growing number of builders understand that the key to surviving and prospering in today’s marketplace ultimately depends on their willingness to adopt new business practices and technologies. These practices often aren’t complicated—many are proven and mainstream in other industries. The key is having the mindset and confidence to embrace them.

Case in point: San Diego-based Murfey Company, a 10-year-old developer of single- and multifamily homes and commercial projects. Owners Russ and Scott Murfey say that the careful application of new technologies and ideas has helped them build a thriving business.

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