The rapid rise of a master homebuilder

There’s a lot you can learn from Jason Black.

In just five years, Black has taken Artisan Signature Homes, the company he cofounded and operates, from an idea to one of the top high-end custom homebuilders in Kentucky. In a typical year, he and his team will deliver eight homes, or about one every six weeks. His homes range from $400K to $2 million on up, with an average home value of $1.5 million.

You may be thinking, “How did this guy go from a start-up to a top custom homebuilder in just five years?” He leaves no job behind. 

Small or large, new construction or a remodeling project, they all have the power to make new friends, circulate his name, win referrals, and help his company become the first one folks turn to when it’s time to build, well, nearly anything.

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