When discussing value engineering, it’s important to note that this process improves the value and usability of a product or material. This occurs through innovation and design. Value engineering takes great ideas and turns them into solutions. Not every budget can afford custom windows and doors. But every project deserves the best quality, value and performance available. Here are some ideas that builders, remodelers, architects and homeowners can use to capture Modern Craftsman style.

Vinyl windows

Vinyl is a performance material. Often thought of as cheap and insubstantial, vinyl windows are in reality long-lasting, great looking and versatile. When built well and installed in the correct environments, they bring both comfort, security and style to a home.

Vinyl windows are actually a smart choice for a Modern Craftsman home. Modern Craftsman homes can be constructed in many materials of which stucco is a favorite in some climates.

With vinyl, you can custom match the trim of the exterior trim to accent the stucco color and bring out other colors in the exterior.

Clad-wood windows and patio doors

A clad-wood window is like a hybrid of wood and other robust materials like vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum. You can enjoy the real wood on the interior, staining it any color to match or accent other wood pieces in the room. The exterior, which faces the elements, is built to withstand the elements. This hybrid window lends itself to the Modern Craftsman aesthetic. A clad-wood window or patio door provides the wood feel on the inside while being more versatile on the exterior.

Steel doors

Steel doors don’t have to appear bland. Just because they are built tough doesn’t mean they can’t have a beautiful appearance. The style is the exterior but it’s important to look at what composes the door as well. The skin consists of six layers. Galvanizing and an epoxy primer make up the interior skin. Galvanizing and two layers of primary make up the exterior skin. In between these skins is the steel. It’s well protected. You can also add a steel edge for added security and fire rating.

Steel doors come in a variety of designs. For a Modern Craftsman look, find a door with Craftsman sticking and the standard one horizontal panel on the top third with two vertical panels on the bottom two-thirds. 

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