It’s what you don’t see that often matters the most

Did you know there are parts inside your vinyl windows that, although you’ll never see them, provide security, structure and functionality? When thinking about the anatomy of the vinyl window, you may have heard terms like frame, sill and casing. But there are so many more parts!

There are misconceptions surrounding the manufacture of vinyl windows. Many think it’s just a bunch of machines putting the pieces together. Actually, dozens of hands touch every vinyl window, and it’s often the parts you don’t see that make all the difference.

What you don’t see

The exterior of a vinyl window is mostly standard depending on the type, such as casement or double-hung. There are many ways to customize the exterior of your vinyl window, but you’ll find that how it’s built to perform is one of its best features.

The actual vinyl, which of course you do see, has some prowess that isn’t visible. We use a proprietary vinyl compound with ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors, which keeps it white rather than eventually yellowing.

Frame extrusions feature thick vinyl walls with additional webbing. This adds strength and thermal insulation to the window unit.

Check rails are reinforced with metal for long-term reliability and to eliminate sagging. The metal can also be added to the stiles for a higher Performance Grade (PG) application.

The integrated sill riser, baffled weep system and weatherstripping all work together to prevent air and water infiltration. Using a continuous head and sill for multiple-unit installation combats water and air as well.

Other advantages of our vinyl products

  • Stabilizers to inhibit heat
  • Impact modifiers for crack resistance
  • Titanium oxide for a bright, lasting color
  • Optional J-channel that allows siding to slide behind the trim for a more finished look and easy installation.

As you can see, there are many parts to your vinyl window that have been purposely designed to ensure durability and quality. We strive to manufacture vinyl windows and patio doors that look and function well. It’s also necessary for the materials and construction to withstand weather and normal wear and tear.

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