Curated Style Inspiration

JELD-WEN Style Collections guide customers to the perfect doors and windows to get the style they’re after.  

When the time comes for homeowners to select windows and doors for their new home or remodel, it’s possible for them to have too many options. With e-commerce sites, Pinterest, Instagram, and design blogs presenting endless possibilities involving the style, colors, features, and finishes for windows and doors, it’s easy for customers to get overwhelmed. 

JELD-WEN created four thoughtfully curated Whole Home Style Collections—FarmhouseCoastalUpdated Traditional, and Simply Modern—to help homeowners discover the doors and windows designed to bring these popular styles to their homes.  

Inspiration and guidance  

“Customers want inspiration and need guidance in choosing the right product to fit their home style,” says Christina Wolff, JELD-WEN associate product line manager for exterior door systems. “We wanted to create marketing materials that can help customers in their purchase journey.” 

The Whole Home Style Collections are valuable resources that builders and contractors can use to help speed up product identification and validate their customers’ choices. Each guide offers design ideas and showcases products organized into price tiers—enabling builders to quickly and easily assemble window and door specifications that meet any customer’s budget.  

“The ability to shop by style and inspiration makes the buying experience so much easier for the pros and the customers that they serve,” says Wolff. She and other JELD-WEN product experts developed the style collections based on research into popular architectural design trends and input from architects, interior designers, custom home builders, and dealers.   

Supported by data science 

If qualitative style-trend research is the artistic side of the Whole Home Collections, then the science element comes from integrating JELD-WEN’s internal sales data to fine-tune the details of the products featured.  

“We use sales data to back up all of the windows and doors that we have chosen to be part of the new collections, and we will monitor the sales and continue to make updates to these collections as new trends emerge,” Wolff says.  

As the popularity of window and door designs changes over time, the product teams will identify new, trending designs to replace them. “Updating the designs helps us make the selection process easier for our customers while freeing up space on our end to continue releasing new products,” says Lindsay Tinnell, associate product line manager at JELD-WEN. 

With so many possible door and window options, the JELD-WEN Whole Home Style Collections help you and your customers identify the perfect windows and doors to achieve the aesthetic they’re after—faster, easier, and without lingering purchase anxiety. 

Download and check out the Whole Home Style Collections: 

For assistance with window and door specifications or installation, visit JELD-WEN’s professional portal.

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