When choosing a window brand, pay attention to these five considerations that are top of mind with homeowners.  

If you’re a residential builder or contractor, you have to choose the product brands you offer to your clients very carefully. Brand choice is critical when it comes to windows, and one misjudged or accidental decision can damage your reputation in the industry. 

However, since most homeowners aren’t attached to particular brands, it’s your responsibility to give them plenty of options and inform them properly of each product. While you should make sure that you don’t overwhelm your clients with technical features they aren’t interested in, these are the five considerations that will catch their attention.

  1. Energy efficiency. Energy codes are set requirements for a window’s resistance to solar gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. With efficient, low-energy glass, homeowners save on their energy bills while staying comfortable in their homes. With their strong partnership with ENERGY STAR®, JELD-WEN is a recognized leader in manufacturing energy efficient windows and wood products.
  2. Performance grade. Window performance grades specify what design pressure requirements windows must meet, as well as water resistance and structure strength in wind and rain. You want to make sure you give your clients a window brand that offers products in the appropriate performance grade for the region you’re building in. For example, in coastal states, builders need to provide windows that can withstand heavy wind and rain conditions. Also, make sure you’re water testing windows after they are installed. You don’t want to get a phone call from a client saying that the windows in their 10-year-old home aren’t withstanding the weather.

JELD-WEN windows consistently meet water testing standards and can stand up to harsh weather conditions. 

  1. Durability and maintenance. When selecting a window brand, make sure you choose one that has products that can withstand the test of time. High-quality vinyl is less likely to fade, chip, and peel and requires little maintenance. Also, wood windows that are made with JELD-WEN’s AuraLast pine are a great example of a water-based processed wood that offers protection against wood rot, water damage, and termites.
  2. Ease of operation. Your client will likely focus on the look and feel of a window first. This means that it must be easy to open and close, because otherwise, they may be unhappy with the selection. If you don’t have a design center for clients to try out some sample windows, perhaps send them out to a windows dealer instead. Your client will end up happier with their final choice when they have the chance to interact with the window they want.
  3. Established manufacturer. With so many window brands out there, builders put an emphasis on the warranty and the manufacturer’s support infrastructure. Sometimes finding a brand that offers great warranty service can take some trial and error, but an important factor is experience. Builders want to work with brands that have plenty of experience in a variety of areas, from glass, to cladding, to wood type. Additionally, responsive field representatives are a great asset; they can help ensure you have all the right details on the right windows.

JELD-WEN: A brand that builders come back to

Since 1960, JELD-WEN has been a steadfast leader in manufacturing, bringing beauty and innovation to every window and door collection. JELD-WEN is a proud ENERGY STAR partner and pioneer in energy efficient windows, using the highest quality vinyl and wood products. With a variety of patterns, finish options, and styles, JELD-WEN consistently performs well in diverse weather climates, passing water tests with flying colors. So, it’s no wonder builders come back, because quality, beauty, and professionalism are what make JELD-WEN stand out from the rest.

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