Learn more about the windows and doors being used for the popular YouTube series

You’ve seen the shows suggesting that with not a lot of money and even less time you can completely remodel a kitchen or bathroom—and be happy with the results. As pros who actually do the work in the real world, you know that’s not usually how it happens. Build’s Matt Risinger wanted to demonstrate what the real process looks like by remodeling a neglected 1970s house on a middle class American budget.

Spoiler alert: Things don’t go as planned. Not even close. Through a series of videos recounting his journey, Matt presents a fascinating, up-close look at the real-life challenges of building right, remodeling affordably, and changing direction when needed. If you haven’t seen the series yet, definitely check out Matt’s YouTube channel and catch up on his REAL ReBuild.

JELD-WEN is proud to partner with Matt to offer an inside look at the expertise, dedication, and attention to detail that builders and remodelers can bring to the toughest residential projects. We’re also excited to provide a whole-home package of doors and windows for Matt’s remodel-turned-rebuild.

If you want to learn more about the JELD-WEN windows and doors Matt chose — maybe you have a build or remodel of your own coming up — we’d love to share the details. Just fill out the form provided in this post and we’ll get back to you with additional information. And if you happen to need any assistance with window and door specifications or installation, visit JELD-WEN’s professional portal.

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