Farmhouse is one of America’s most beloved architectural styles. Lately, more clients are requesting remodels that add modern upgrades while honoring the style’s classic look.

The Modern Farmhouse trend is thriving. And with more time over the last year to critically look at our homes, homeowners with various classic styles are considering modern upgrades that add natural light and open up their living space. 

For some remodelers, this thoughtful modernization is their bread and butter. And while it may seem easy on a home that already fits the farmhouse category, the challenges are all too familiar. There are the usual complexities of remodeling an aging structure and managing the clients’ anxieties and budgets around structural changes and product selection.

The trick is figuring out how to modernize while staying true to the traditional style’s warm and inviting nature. Jodi Longo, owner of Renovation Studio in Kensington, Maryland, says she strives for what she calls a classic look.

Longo’s classic look could be a blueprint for all farmhouse modernizations. She brings in more natural light by replacing smaller windows with larger ones and enhances the effect by painting interior walls and ceilings a bright white, which provides an attractive contrast with the natural wood cabinets and flooring.

The choice of windows in this situation is critical. The ideal option has plenty of glass area to maximize natural light and has a style that matches the home’s traditional aesthetic. Longo says that manufacturers like JELD-WEN, with a vast number of product choices, make finding the right fit for their style, budget, and quality expectations easier than ever.

“Companies like JELD-WEN have done an awesome job offering mullion patterns that help create the vibe we want,” she says.

Of course, even when the remodeler finds a great product, they still have to get buy-off from their client. For fast and clear design choices in these situations, JELD-WEN’s curated Farmhouse Collection features a breadth of window options that fit every budget and vision.   

In addition to stylistic considerations are the inevitable structural concerns. A great remodeler will make sure that their clients understand that structural changes aren’t as expensive as they might fear and that there can be benefits to stretching the budget that outweigh the cost.

Longo adds, “If taking a wall down to create a larger opening between the living and dining room will make the home more livable, we make a case for spending the money. If they don’t do it, we tell them they will likely regret the decision in a year.”

For assistance with window and door specifications or installation, visit JELD-WEN’s professional portal.

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