Trends toward bigger windows and doors and seamlessly connected indoor-outdoor living spaces were building momentum long before Covid hit and most of us began spending more time inside our homes. Today’s homeowners want their spaces to live and function more expansively. If this is true of your clients, there’s a product that belongs on your radar — one that delivers impressive size and performance while being easier on an overall project budget.

Why you need to know about Siteline® Low-Friction Glider®

It delivers the big size and bold performance typical of a wall system, plus unique features that will win over even your choosiest clients.

Wider and taller glass panels. Each panel spans up to 7′ wide and 10′ tall; systems include two, three, or four panels. If your clients crave a “window wall” effect or simply a bigger connection between inside and outside, the Low-Friction Glider® will do it, with a maximum width of 24′.

Surprisingly easy to move. Even though the operational panels are huge, they sit atop innovative rollers that make them shift outward and glide effortlessly, opening with just an initial nudge. The same rollers draw the operational panels back toward the frame for a superior seal when the system is closed.

High performance ratings and energy efficiency. Need a patio door with a performance rating up to LC-PG50 or one that’s ENERGY STAR® certified for all zones? Find the right Low-Friction Glider® materials and configuration to match your project’s building code and safety requirements.

Made of wood that repels termites and won’t rot. All Siteline® windows and patio doors, including Low-Friction Glider®, are made with JELD-WEN-exclusive AuraLast® pine. The surface-to-core AuraLast treatment is proven to resist wood rot, water saturation (from exterior weather and interior condensation), and termites. And AuraLast components are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

On-trend colors, inside and out. Create the look your clients want from 27 exterior aluminum cladding colors and 12 interior paint/stain options — each selected based on current home design trends.

Impact-rated options for coastal homes. Building in storm-prone areas? Low-Friction Glider® offers 2-, 3-, and 4-panel systems rated for Wind Zone 3, thanks to JELD-WEN’s proven ImpactGard® glass technology.

Wall system benefits without the price. Low-Friction Glider® exceeds the performance of a traditional sliding patio door, with a cost-effective price when compared to standard wall systems. The sheer size of the Siteline® Low-Friction Glider® makes a statement of luxury and taps into the desire for homes designed around well-being: abundant daylight, fresh air, and connection to the natural world. Its performance and good looks provide full confidence in selecting this beautiful, innovative patio door for your next residential project.

Learn more about JELD-WEN’s Siteline® Low-Friction Glider® and other patio door innovations here.

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