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Create unique homes for your clients with custom windows and doors Brought to you by JELD-WEN Designing unique and meaningful homes is easier when you can fully customize your products. See how Paradigm Building Group, a full-service design-build residential construction firm, uses custom JELD-WEN windows and doors to build homes that fit their clients’ lifestyles while setting their business apart. For assistance with window and door specifications or installation, visit JELD-WEN’s professional portal.

An uplifting case study for builders everywhere. Brought to you by JELD-WEN Every builder wants to build a home their client loves. What happens when builders and clients work alongside one another to bring a vision to life? That’s how Paradigm Building Company, a full-service design-build residential construction firm, approached a job in Arlington, Virginia. See how Paradigm and their client transformed an existing floorplan into an incredible sanctuary. For assistance with window and door specifications or installation, visit JELD-WEN’s professional portal.

Technologies and business practices from other industries can be game changers for home building Brought to you by JELD-WEN It’s easy to criticize some builders’ resistance to new technology, but given the complexities of this business and the huge financial risks, their hesitance is understandable. Established methods can seem safer and more predictable than changes that may or may not pay off. However, a growing number of builders understand that their survival will ultimately depend on their willingness to adopt new business practices and technologies. These practices usually aren’t complicated. In fact, they tend to be proven, mainstream, and even obvious. The key is having the mind-set to embrace them. Case in point: Russ and Scott Murfey of San Diego‒based Murfey Company, a 10-year-old builder/developer of single and multifamily homes and commercial projects, say that the careful application of new technologies and ideas has helped them build a thriving business.

You know your worth. Here’s how to pitch it. Shawn Van Dyke has been a contractor, construction business owner, and coach for more than 20 years. He helps builders be as confident in their business as they are in their craft. In this exclusive video, Shawn shares tactics you can use right now to increase your profits and win clients, including proven methods to prequalify your leads and how to effectively pitch your value. Check out the JELD-WEN pro site for more information.

A commitment to one’s community is the best foundation for success Brought to you by JELD-WEN True Champion Builders are invested in the communities in which they live and work. They bring a deep connection to the area that drives their thinking about what projects to take on and how to execute them. For more than a decade, the Murfey Company has been just such a builder by being a thoughtful resident and civic partner for the greater San Diego area. Owned by brothers Russ and Scott Murfey, the Murfey Company is a vertically integrated builder specializing in urban infill mixed use. This typically includes apartment buildings, but unlike many builders, every Murfey development also includes some affordable housing aspect. Such a commitment provides a huge benefit in a city like San Diego struggling with a stubborn housing crisis. In addition to their urban infill projects, the Murfeys also take on…

—Manny Neves, Hardcore Renos There is no set price in construction; it costs what it costs to make the job right. —Carlito Pavlovic, my cohost of our podcast, The Construction LifeEleven years ago, I began Hardcore Renos with a very simple goal: to build things the best I can, using the best products I can research, working with the best crews that truly cared, and loving every minute of the construction life. What is the construction life? It is a 5 a.m. wake up, work out, shower, prepare lunch, send off the family, hop into the van, call, email, text the crews and suppliers, arrive on-site, organize, prep, build, have fun, wrap up, end the workday on a high note, head home, spend time with the family, prep for the next day, schedule the next day, place orders for the next day, turn in, sleep tight, wake up and do it all…

JELD-WEN is shining the spotlight on builders in 2019. Our second featured builder is Scott Moran, owner of Hallmark Homes, which builds custom homes in Bismarck, North Dakota. In this Q&A, Scott discusses the fulfillment he receives from building and giving back and why he chooses JELD-WEN products for his custom homes and customers. Why did you decide to become a builder? My grandfather, from Jamestown, North Dakota, was a home builder for many years. When I was a young kid in the ’70s, I would go with him to work and was fascinated by what the builders did. They did everything from start to finish back in those days. They built the cabinets. They built the trim. You didn’t have a subcontractor like we do today. It was amazing to watch him create something from the ground up. My wife, Vicki, and I were living in Spokane, Washington, but…

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