The modern farmhouse trend is having a renaissance.

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Modern farmhouse is shaping up to be one of the most popular home design trends. Its unique blend of comfort and simplicity captures the warmth of traditional farmhouse and has taken on an open-for-interpretation blueprint with classic and contemporary elements.

Why is modern farmhouse making a comeback? There are a few reasons.

It celebrates transitional architecture

Transitional architecture strikes the perfect balance between classic and contemporary to create a cool yet welcoming aesthetic.

In modern farmhouses, the exterior is traditional, with accents of dark color on the windows and doors as a nod to modern design. Where traditional farmhouse windows have colonial grilles with three columns and at least four rows, modern farmhouse windows have fewer grilles to let more light in.

The interior is where the contemporary comes out with asymmetrical layouts and open floorplans. Shaker-style cabinetry is a natural fit. Sliding barn doors installed on modern hardware turn any interior entryway into a grand entrance, and a light shiplap finish adorns living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or just a featured wall that complements natural-wood flooring.

It’s versatile

A major distinction of the modern farmhouse is location. Its roots are rural, but the style is seen more now in urban areas and newer subdivisions—a testament to the versatility of the farmhouse blueprint.

There are many directions one can take the farmhouse style. Elements can be subtle or grand and easily incorporated with the right products. For example, a Dutch front door is a farmhouse staple that makes a charming front entrance, but the same can be achieved for a modern farmhouse with the beauty and performance of a half-view 2-panel fiberglass door that replicates real wood.

Farmhouse windows are traditionally built with wood, but they require constant care. With vinyl and clad wood, it’s possible to achieve the look of real wood without substantial maintenance.

All JELD-WEN wood windows are made with patented AuraLast® pine for superior protection against the elements. Its water-based treatment fortifies wood to the core, protecting against rot, water saturation, and termites.

It has timeless curb appeal              

Whether the front porch is big or small, a covered enclosure, or a large wraparound, it’s a defining element of the modern farmhouse aesthetic that exudes a welcoming presence to all who pass.

The eye is drawn to the large front door and follows the lines to the lighting hardware and the tall, narrow colonial grille windows. Barn- and porch-style lighting with dark hardware add to the modern look. All the pieces work together to create a welcoming space for greeting guests and watching the world go by.

It’s official—the modern farmhouse isn’t going anywhere. Perhaps it’s our longing for less hectic and simpler times that brought on this surge in popularity. What is certain is that it’s always refreshing to return to our roots.

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