Modern Farmhouse


Modern farmhouse style has become a “thing” in the custom and production building worlds. Increasingly, architects and builders strive to craft transitional homes that include traditional exterior elements like covered front porches and open-plan interiors with a warm, relaxing feel. For remodelers, creating the modern farmhouse style can be easy at the outset — the home might already fit the farmhouse category. The challenge comes with the usual complexities of remodeling an old structure, such as out-of-plumb window openings and the need to manage clients’ anxieties and budgets. One such remodeler is Jodi Longo, owner of Renovation Studio in Kensington, Maryland, which specializes in restoration and modernization work. “A lot of the homes we work on are real farmhouses,” she says. “The owners want to keep the traditional exterior while updating the interior to be more modern.” Eight Key Client Conversations to Have About a Farmhouse-Style Remodel One such remodeler…

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