At JELD-WEN, we’re deeply invested in style research and product development to deliver windows and doors that complement the style of every home—and every price point. 

So we invested in research to understand the elements of trending styles, incorporate them into our windows and doors, and curated style collections to make it easier for builders, contractors, and their clients to design and budget.  

JELD-WEN has the science of style on lock. Let’s take a closer look at the defining elements of today’s popular home styles and simple ways to bring them to life.  


Coastal homes mix expansive contemporary glass and open floor plans with traditional touches like plank detailing, natural wood, and decorative lite configurations in the entryway. Together, these elements can make anyone feel like they’re enjoying a day at the beach. 

1_Expansive, contemporary glass to prioritize views. 2_Traditional touches like natural wood or a pop of oceanside color. 3_Indoor/outdoor living creates a synergy with nature.

Simply Modern 

A favorite on the West Coast, Simply Modern style—or contemporary—is elevated in every way. Defined by clean lines, open spaces, and strong indoor-outdoor synergy with lots of natural light, these combined elements make for simply stunning window and door designs on the leading edge of style trends. 

1_Geometric shapes celebrate clean lines and natural materials draw connections with nature. 2_Dark or metallic colors offer simplicity and elegance. 3_Bold entryways make a statement with color, shape, or asymmetry. 

Updated Traditional 

Updated Traditional takes classic regional architecture styles and elevates them to stunning and sophisticated reincarnations. Key elements for this style include clean lines, decorative glass, vintage details, and lots of natural light mixed with classic features. 

1_Warm colors and textured elements for polished curb appeal. 2_Vintage details add timeless elegance. 3_An abundance of natural light. 


Farmhouse style is popular all over the country, from urban areas to farmland. Defined by simplicity, natural light, and authenticity, it’s a style that’s much bigger than the home—it’s about meaningful pieces that tell a story. 

1_Clean lines make gathering spaces comfortable and cozy. 2_Wood or wood-like materials add signature warmth and a welcoming aesthetic. 3_Often includes white board and batten, black window trim, and metal roofing elements. 

Having a pulse on trending home styles is an important part of predicting what’s next. While there’s a market for popular styles in every region, right now traditional styles are a safe bet. According to the National Association of Home Builders, traditional is preferred in eight out of nine regions. 

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