The modern farmhouse blends traditional with contemporary  

Traditional home design remains a popular look for lots of homeowners. Despite the spotlight enjoyed by more modern styles, traditional architecture is staying relevant by adjusting and adapting. One example of that evolution is the modern farmhouse, which boasts steady popularity, especially in the custom home market. 

The approach of today’s modern farmhouse is to combine more-traditional-type exteriors with an interior design more representative of contemporary styles. By thoughtfully bringing the two approaches together in one home, designers of the modern farmhouse create a warm, welcoming vibe that delivers the best of both worlds.  

This blending has come to be referred to as transitional architecture, and it’s gaining new fans all the time. In fact, not only has it become more common with production builders, just a few years ago transitional design was identified as one of the top trends in floor plans by Builder magazine. Since then, the style has only grown in its interest and potential.  

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