JELD-WEN® wood windows offer so many creative ways to bring the outside in and align with any architectural style.

Today’s wood windows are as beautiful as they are durable and energy efficient. In part three of our four-part series on wood windows, we explore the design aesthetic and technology behind choosing the right windows. After all, they can enhance any view and turn your design project into a huge success in any climate. 

A view of natural surroundings is guaranteed to make any design project more desirable and successful. In the first and second parts of our series on wood windows, we covered replacing historic windows and renovation projects. In the third of our four-part blog series on wood windows, we explore the design flexibility, aesthetic impact, and durability of using wood windows to enhance the view.

Today, wood windows are as durable as they are beautiful. They’re also versatile and energy efficient. With options for nearly every style and type of climate, any design challenge can be met with the lasting beauty and durability of wood windows.

JELD-WEN® wood windows play a huge role in creating a natural bridge to the outdoors. Corner windows, expanses of glass, and patio doors are just a few options that create a sense of openness and bring the warmth of natural light into the home.

This Custom™ Wood folding window system was placed over a poured cement indoor/outdoor counter and adjusted to allow for proper water drainage to the outside. Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington.

1. Thicker window glazing keeps out the cold — showcasing the phenomenal scenery of Anchorage, Alaska

In Anchorage, a beautiful home was conceptualized as an architectural response to the great Alaska earthquake of 1964. A fresh, modern home was built on the original homesite, using the wreckage of multiple homes from the earthquake. Connecting to the natural landscape was a key design consideration in choosing wood windows. Unique corner units were joined with a black aluminum strip to make the corner angles virtually disappear.

JELD-WEN® EpicVue® and Siteline® wood windows feature a glazing package comprised of an insulating glass unit of two or three panes, as well as, Low-E coatings, gas fill, and a variety of engineering advancements that stop the transfer of heat and cold. Not only can you enjoy the view with JELD-WEN wood windows, regardless of the climate, but they also offer an energy-efficient solution for any home.

Obscured glass creates a blind

Expanses of glass are such an elegant way to let the outside in. They also add warmth and light. Obscured glass also creates a visual privacy blind. This can be a welcome feature for builders and buyers who don’t want the windows to allow the interior of the home to be seen from the outside.    

Obscured glass offers privacy while adding light and warmth to a space. 

2. Opening the kitchen to an incredible view of Friday Harbor, Washington

An indoor/outdoor kitchen counter is an ideal spot to enjoy the setting of one’s home. In one example in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington, a JELD-WEN® Custom™ Wood folding window system with a U-channel track was placed over a poured cement counter to create a sense of continuation from the kitchen to the beautiful views of the harbor and distant hills.

In a high-rain area like Friday Harbor there was concern that the U-channel track would fill up with water, creating issues for the owner. To solve this challenge and allow for proper drainage, the builders drilled holes and used plastic tubing to direct the water outside.

Technologically superior wood

To add another dimension of strength and durability, JELD-WEN windows can be made with AuraLast® pine .This patented wood treatment helps provide robust protection against wood rot, water damage, and termites. The environmentally friendly, water-based manufacturing process fortifies the wood all the way to the core. 

3. Using technology to offer expansive views of Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

A third residence, this one on Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho, faced a different window challenge: creating curved windows. To tackle this design obstacle, the residence needed a window frame that would bend on the same plane as the window.

They started by using high-tech treated wood. This enabled the supersaturated wood components to be shaped into a curved form that was then kiln dried to maintain the shape. Each window frame was crafted using sash cladded with copper and an interior of white oak. The pressure-treatment process also helps repel moisture and resist insect infiltration.

See what JELD-WEN® windows can do to expand the view

There are so many ways to expand the view with JELD-WEN’s wood window collection. All JELD-WEN® window lines are elegant, durable, and energy efficient. They can also be built with AuraLast wood pineensuring that they will last for years to come.  

• TheEpicVue series of wood clad windows affords exceptional views with a contemporary look that focuses on clean lines.  
• Siteline wood windows accentuate each room with their pristine craftsmanship, quality, and versatility. Each window is created to promote longevity and reduce maintenance. From farmhouse to modern to historical, these windows fit every style.
Custom wood windows are handcrafted to last, balancing artistry and reliability. These one-of-a-kind windows are personalized for every home project, giving homeowners a place they can truly call their own.  
• For assistance with your projects, including creating expansive views with wood windows, visit JELD-WEN’s professional portal

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