Large-opening door systems with outstanding building envelope performance 

Materials science has helped power the thermal performance of our homes to new heights of efficiency. The rise of evolving residential building and energy codes, above-code standards such as passive house, and state initiatives like California’s Title 24 demonstrate how far and fast building envelope design has advanced over the last 20 years.  

Exterior wall assemblies have never been tighter, drier, or more energy conserving. U-factors, R-values, and other energy rating metrics continue to improve as materials science finds new ways to enhance cladding, sheathing, air/moisture barriers, and insulation.  

So it’s ironic that one of the housing industry’s most popular trends today is to replace a vast portion of the exterior wall assembly with a large opening door system. There was a time when a large expanse of glass meant compromising building envelope efficiency. Today innovations in material science and manufacturing help building pros achieve their aesthetic aims without sacrificing thermal performance. 

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