Tracking trends in windows and doors  

For the past several years, the biggest trend in windows and doors has been their increasing size. In the case of windows, homeowners want unobstructed views that let them connect with the outdoors. Panes have grown in size while frames have shrunk—and grilles and muntins are less popular.  

“We literally cannot make the glass big enough for people,” says Jennifer Matson, JELD-WEN’s director of product line management for wood windows. “People want the clear, open view.”  

“Bigger is better,” agrees Joe LeFlore, South Florida Millwork vice president. “I got five plans today, and every one is floor-to-ceiling windows. Everybody wants more glass and less frame.” 

Going dark 

No matter how much frame material there is, dark-colored frames continue to increase in popularity. Black-framed windows inside and out are so popular they have  a hashtag, #blackwindowframes. The dark frame trend shows no sign of stopping, says JELD-WEN’s Matson, although JELD-WEN has refreshed its interior sash pallet to include warmer grays in anticipation of evolving preferences.  

“We also do custom colors,” adds Matson. “We have a silver exterior color, and we have quite a few requests to have that replicated on the inside.” According to Window + Door magazine, color options are also proliferating for vinyl windows, offering customers more color choices in every budget range.  

Oversized doors 

The trend toward large also shows up in door preferences. Exterior doors have expanded past the typical 6-foot-8 height to 10 or even 12 feet tall. “People are starting to demand 10-by-6-foot doors. Massive, massive, massive,” says LeFlore. 

Inside, barn doors are extremely popular. Barn doors roll along a track to close the doorway or slide out of the way in front of a wall to open up  space. The barn door style now goes well beyond the rustic look, and the size of the door slab isn’t limited by the door opening. JELD-WEN DesignGlide™ hardware makes it easy to bring  ample barn door versatility to any design aesthetic. Barn doors are so hot that architects are even specifying them for production homes, says Philadelphia architect Jim Wentling. “That trend is really huge.”  

JELD-WEN DesignGlide Barn Doors

Packed with innovation 

The popularity of huge windows and glass wall systems also means that homeowners now have vast expanses of glass to keep clean. Fortunately, JELD-WEN offers dirt-resistant glass as an option on its wood windows and patio doors. This innovative glass has an invisible titanium dioxide coating on the exterior that gives it a super-smooth surface that repels water and helps rinse away accumulated dirt. 

Lots of glass also means a whole lot of sunshine streaming into the house. New electrochromic glass technology, also known as smart glass, is an innovative technology that can help protect against glare, fabric fading, bleaching of wood, and other effects of  constant sunshine. Smart glass  can respond to high light levels by switching to a tinted state with no visibility reduction . It isn’t widely available in residential windows—yet. However, with homeowners’ increasing appetite for huge windows, it seems inevitable that smart glass technology will be refined for residential use sooner rather than later. 

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