Things to consider as you weigh a quick fix against choosing to buy new. It’s an unavoidable fact that with time and use, a home’s doors’ and windows’ performance is bound to diminish. Unfortunately, with that slow deterioration comes new costs for homeowners. Think about ongoing maintenance and repairs that may be necessary. Consider the energy that is lost because of emerging gaps. And don’t forget that this decline may create a way for water and pests to enter a home. Aging doors and windows can also impact homeowner quality of life in other ways. Foggy glass can mean less visibility. Poor sealing can make it more difficult to stabilize an ideal indoor temperature. Many aging doors and windows can become less attractive. And perhaps most importantly, the products’ problems can even compromise the security of a home. The natural question homeowners are bound to ask is, “OK, should I repair or replace?” Here…

Blend the beauty of real wood with a reliable defense against rot and termites. JELD-WEN R&D knew it wanted to take a different approach to sustainability. The patented AuraLast® pine product came out of that focus, delivering a new wood-fortifying process. AuraLast pine products are 100% real wood, not a composite, and do not rely on a chemical dip for their comprehensive Surface to Core™ protection. Whether it’s a new build or a remodel, you want to be sure that the materials you’re using for the project are tough enough to meet the demands of the environment. Your customer’s satisfaction and ultimately your reputation depend on it. The market is full of wood options that claim to be up to the challenge. But are they? If you’re building up north, your customers are fighting cold and wet climates. If you’re in the south, maybe it’s humidity and invasive bugs. And…

The traditional new home construction process has given general contractors (GCs) a bad rap. Typically, clients would work with an architect to design their dream home, only to be stunned when construction bids from GCs come in way over budget and timelines stretch. Patterson Custom Homes aims to restore faith in GCs by beginning its relationship with clients as early as possible in the process.

Contemporary design is perennially popular, in part because it can evolve and change with the times. But at its foundation resides a love of straight lines, natural elements, and a strikingly sleek aesthetic that draws you in. Done right, a contemporary look can transform a home into something truly special. Here are six things to think about when embarking on your contemporary journey.

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