—Manny Neves, Hardcore Renos

There is no set price in construction; it costs what it costs to make the job right. —Carlito Pavlovic, my cohost of our podcast, The Construction Life

Eleven years ago, I began Hardcore Renos with a very simple goal: to build things the best I can, using the best products I can research, working with the best crews that truly cared, and loving every minute of the construction life.

What is the construction life? It is a 5 a.m. wake up, work out, shower, prepare lunch, send off the family, hop into the van, call, email, text the crews and suppliers, arrive on-site, organize, prep, build, have fun, wrap up, end the workday on a high note, head home, spend time with the family, prep for the next day, schedule the next day, place orders for the next day, turn in, sleep tight, wake up and do it all over again because you love what you do for a living—construction.

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